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Life is a constant change. The same principle applies to the technology and one of the concepts that are profiting from that ever-going change is definitely USB C gadgets.

Devices like USB C hubs, switches, chargers, and others that are delivering excellent data transfer rates and charging times, as well as great overall performance, are becoming more and more desirable.

However, finding the ones that are good enough to fulfill their full potential, such as the best USB-C chargers, is something completely different. In order to achieve that, you must have some knowledge, or listen to someone else’s advice, such as this guide, for example.

In other words, if you want your money to be well spent, you need to take some precautions and pay closer attention to a couple of things.

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How to Choose the Best USB-C Charger

When deciding for the best USB C charger, the following characteristics must be taken into consideration:

Total power output

The most important aspect for any charger is definitely its total power output that will, when insufficient, prevent you from charging your favorite device.

In other words, before the actual purchase, check your gadgets’ specifications and be sure that the chosen USB C charger can feed all your power-hungry devices.

Number of ports

If you need a USB C charger just for charging one device and have no intention of using it for multiple devices, one charging port is more than enough for you. However, if you are into gadgets and have a whole collection of them, multiple charging ports are your only solution.


Don’t forget that a charger doesn’t only have to be powerful enough, but it should be practical as well. This is the device that you will take on travels, carry in a pocket or in your bag. Therefore, don’t forget to check the charger’s weight, if there are foldable plugs, what its dimensions are, and generally things that should affect its portability.

Best USB-C Chargers

Anker A2046 63W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger

Very Smart USB C Fast Charger

Anker A2046 63W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 GaN Fast Charger
If you’re looking for an USB C fast charger at a reasonable price, the Anker A2046 has your name on it. For something like $60, give or take, you’ll get a sleek and stylish 63W 4-port USB C fast charger for basically any electronic gadget you own.

The Anker A2046 is rated at 45W max, which means you can use it to power your iPad Pro, laptop, MacBook and anything in between. The 45W USB C port can be used to charge powerful devices like laptops and the like, while the 18W USB C port is great for smartphones and tablets.

You can also charge up to four devices in the same time, as the Anker A2046 offers 63W of total power. The ultra slim design is due to Anker using state of the art gallium nitride instead of silicon, and the company’s signature PowerIQ 3.0 technology is perfectly capable of delivering high-speed charging to virtually any mobile device, including full compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging.

The charger comes with worry-free 18-month warranty, is 0.7’’ thick and weighs a mere 5.4 oz. It’s also worth mentioning Anker’s proprietary MultiProtect safety system that provides full protection for you and all your expensive gear, and the intuitive features in the hardware that adjust charging rates to match the power demand of a given device as well as smart monitoring as to not overcharge a device after it’s reached 100%.

  • Smart features
  • Compact design
  • Perfect for traveling
  • High-Speed USB-C Charging
  • Solid warranty
  • Nothing worth mentioning

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Nekteck 72W USB-C Charger

A Solid USB-C Charger that Has Everything You May Need

nekteck 72w 4 port usb c wall charger station
A good USB C charger has to be reliable, compact, and provide enough power and capacity, to allow for simultaneous use of multiple devices, and Nekteck 72W 4 Port USB C Wall Charger Station is exactly that sort of a device.

To begin with, it delivers a total power output of 72W that is separated between the USB-C charging output (60W) and three USB-A Ports (12W) that can support smart charging of up to 2.4A. Nekteck 72W Wall Charger Station is available in black and white color; it comes in a package with a decent 1m-long USB-C cable and a more than welcome 12-month warranty.

Although it isn’t the most affordable charger on the market, this device still presents a great deal. It offers great compatibility that allows you to use it along with MacBook, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, Android devices, Windows laptops, and many more. More importantly, Nekteck 72W Wall Charger Station is equipped with numerous safety features and comes with UL, CE, and FCC certification that, along with its excellent build quality, make it rather reliable.

Now, as you may expect, there also has to be a drawback, and in the case of this charger, its USB-A charging ports are good enough for casual use, but may have a problem with reliability, if they are too frequently exposed to maximum charging.

In other words, Nekteck 72W Wall Charger Station is a very good device that can give you a lot for your money. However, it isn’t perfect, but that is not something you can expect from any device anyways, even if that is the best USB-C wall charger available on the market.

  • Excellent compatibility
  • Great build quality
  • Lightweight
  • It gets hot

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TECKNET 65W PD 3.0 GaN Charger

Compact and Well Built Super-Fast Charger

TECKNET 65W PD 3.0 GaN Charger
Here comes another 65W Type C super fast charger, this time from TECKNET. The main selling point so to speak of this gadget arguably is low price tag, as the TECKNET retails for less than $40 currently, which makes it a bargain.

The 3 port fast wall charger is fully compatible with a myriad of smartphones and laptops, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the MacBook Pro and the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 and S20. Due to its 65W Power Delivery, the TECKNET fast charger can easily power up a depleted MacBook Pro battery, from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours. This is kind of impressive, and that’s due to the company’s PD 3.0 with PPS technology that can deliver high-speed charging for most mobile devices.

The device is rather compact, standing at 2.2inx1.95inx1.17in and weighs 110g; these are palatable metrics for travellers, and we must mention the GaN technology, which not only reduces the size and weight of the charger dramatically, but also generates less heat, reduces power consumption effectively and improves charging efficiency greatly, makes charging safer and more convenient for people on the go.

Moreover, you can charge up to three devices at the same time, and bottom line, if you’re on a tight budget looking for the one USB charger to rule them all, this one hits the sweet spot. There are more powerful USB chargers out there, with more ports and all that, but consider the price tag and the total output: this baby is a winner in our book.

  • USB C Super-Fast Charging
  • Amazing value for money
  • GaN circuitry
  • Travel friendly
  • 65W total power
  • Some build quality issues

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Anker PowerPort III mini

A Reliable Companion for Your Travels

anker powerport iii mini
Anker is a familiar brand that is famous for its high-quality products that provide excellent user experience and great reliability, and Anker PowerPort III mini charger is no exception to that.

This charger has a simple design that doesn’t differentiate it a lot from the competition. However, what does make it stand out is its premium build. Sadly, Anker PowerPort III mini offers only 30W of total output power, which is enough for charging your smartphone or tablet, but for many laptops, that is just insufficient with the exclusion of MacBook.

For that reason, exclude the more power-hungry devices from the equation and observe this charger more as a practical (it weighs only 63 grams, has a foldable plug, etc.), high-quality tool that will charge your smaller portable device in no time. The main reason for that is PowerIQ 3.0 technology that is implemented into this charger and supports maximum charging of 3A that, along with TUV certification, excellent compatibility and a decent 18-month warranty, makes Anker PowerPort III mini a very good option for many and definitely one of the best USB C chargers out there.

  • Great compatibility
  • Foldable plug
  • Premium build quality
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Its total output power of 30W may not be enough for some users

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Amazon Basics 68W Two-Port GaN Wall Charger

Basic and Efficient 2-Port Charger

Amazon Basics 68W Two-Port GaN Wall Charger
As per its name, this gadget is designed to take care of charging basics with flying colors, i.e. it offers fast simultaneous charging for two devices at the same time, as well as GaN technology which reduces power consumption and improves efficiency.

The Amazon Basics is the perfect tool if you’re looking to fast-charge high-end gear like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy 10, MacBook Pro 13-Inch, and more. The charger is very small and light, which makes it ideal for traveling, and it’s designed with a foldable plug which makes it highly portable.

Power is nothing without control, and here safety features come into play: integrated over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection. For the price asked, this 2-port GaN wall charger is hard to beat, hence it’s highly recommended by our testing staff.

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Well built
  • Works as advertised
  • Travel friendly
  • Nothing worth mentioning

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Anker PowerPort III Nano

A Small and Practical USB-C Charger

anker powerport iii nano
If you are after a decent USB-C charger that is small enough that you can carry it in your pocket and that provides reliable performance at the same time, Anker PowerPort III Nano is the device for you.

No, it isn’t perfect and has a couple of drawbacks, such as lack of foldable plugs. However, it offers good compatibility, multiple safety features, as well as the feather-like weight of only 30 grams. Moreover, it comes with an 18-month warranty, it involves PowerIQ 3.0 technology and it provides a solid total power output of 18W.

Also, it allows for fast charging of up to 2.4A and, in general, delivers everything that a user might expect and need from their smartphone or tablet charger.

In other words, Anker PowerPort III Nano is a device that won’t overwhelm you, but will surely do the job that you put in front of it.

  • Small
  • Allows for fast charging
  • Lightweight
  • It comes without the cable
  • No foldable plugs

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Nekteck 100W PD 3.0 GaN Charger

Excellent Travel Charger on a Budget

Nekteck 100W PD 3.0 GaN Charger
If you’re looking for power overwhelming for peanuts money, the Nekteck has your name on it. For less than forty bucks, you’ll end up with a 100W USB C Charger, which is both GaN Tech & USB-IF Certified. The charges comes with a PD 3.0 Adapter with Foldable Plug and supports iPhone Fast Charging, being compatible with lots of high-end devices like the MacBook Air/Pro 13/16, iPad Air/Pro, Galaxy, iPhone 11/XS/XR, to name just a few.

Basically, for that kind of money, the Nekteck is the deal of the century. The GaN certification stands for gallium nitride, which is used instead of regular silicone for obtaining the best charging performance in the smallest possible form factor. This travel charger has a charging efficiency of 90 percent and delivers a maximum output of 100w, which means it can fully charge a MacBook Pro 16’’ in less than two hours.

The Power Delivery 3.0 feature enables compatible devices to be charged faster than industry standard, and the Nekteck is compatible with most USB-C devices, including laptop brands like Samsung, HP Spectre and others that support USB Power Delivery.
And if you’re worried about charging your thousand dollar laptop with a 40 bucks charger, have no worries, as this baby is USB-IF ( TID: 4170 ), FCC Certified and UL Listed, designed with over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and over- heating protection to guarantee that you can use it to charge your devices without any safety issues.

  • Looks and feels solid
  • Quick charges anything
  • Doesn’t get warm
  • Stays in the wall outlet
  • Comes with USB C cable included
  • 100w total output
  • Amazing value for money
  • None really at this price

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Ready to purchase a new USB-C charger? Now you sure are! We are sure that your best future companion is somewhere in the list above, so do your research and get going!

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