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If you’re a gamer, today we have something really special for you: the Razer Deathadder v2 review. According to many people in the know, as in hardcore gamers, the chosenites or whatever you want to call them, the Razer Deathadder V2 (the revised/bettered version that is) is the best thing since internet was invented by DARPA.

What it is

To begin with the basics, the Razer Deathadder V2 is built around the hugely popular Deathadder Elite, which in itself was/is the GOAT, and it’s been around since 2016 if memory serves. The V2 comes with a better optical sensor, better (as in more durable) left/right buttons and a smoother (sounds almost impossible) scroll wheel.

Again, according to people who spent their lives reviewing video games, the V2 is the best version of the Deathadder, and even if it may be a tad expensive, it’s definitely worth buying.

Gamers seem to love everything in Razer-made mice since the early 2000s, and if you look at the V2, it “ain’t” hard to understand why: the Deathadder V2 is the definition of customization, performance and ergonomics.

Another great thing about the Deathadder V2 is that it currently retails at less than half its launching price, which makes it the deal of the century, or almost the perfect budget gaming mouse (I’m kidding of course).

Design and Ergonomics

razer deathadder v2 grips
This part is very important if you’re the kind of gamer that spends hours and hours on end playing with himself, and by that I mean the V2 is supremely comfortable to hold, that provided you have average to large hands.

Now, speaking of ergonomics, improving something that was already perfect is a relatively hard to grasp concept, and by that we mean the Elite. However, Razer did it with the V2, and that’s kind of impressive.

Hand positioning is perfect and ergonomic during binge gaming sessions or general (normie) activities, like word processing or web browsing. The palm rest also feels perfect under your palms. We must also mention that the Deathadder V2’s sides have been improved by a makeover via using a more subtle rubber. Rather than bulky hexagonal grips, the texture is tighter and smaller, and yes, I like that, thank you very much.

Speaking of improving an already perfect gaming mouse, this almost always translates into more weight added. Even if we love heavy gear here, because heavy is reliable, you know the drill (build quality and all that), the V2 only weighs 2.9 ounces and measures 1.5 by 2.7 by 5 inches. To make all this information palatable for complete noobs, the Elite weighs 3.7 ounces, so there you have it: progress through technology, amirite?

Finally, I must mention that the Deathadder V2 is a really handsome gaming mouse, and that must count for something.

Here are the mains specs by the way:

  • Sensor – Focus+ Optical
  • Max DPI – 20,000
  • Tracking – 650 inches per second
  • Acceleration – 50G
  • Weight – 82g | 2.9oz
  • Form factor: Right-handed
  • IPS: Up to 650
  • Switches: Razer Optical
  • Connectivity: Wired (Razer Speedflex)
  • Feet: 100% PTFE

Features and tech stuff

razer deathadder v2 review memory profiles
Let’s begin with some tech stuff, which is highly interesting when it comes to making a purchase decision: the V2 has 2 buttons below the (hold my beer) Instinctive Scroll Wheel (seriously, that’s how they name it), which, by the way, is more aggressively spikey for a better grip. The buttons can adjust DPI settings on the fly, and that’s cool in my book.

On top of that, the V2 comes with no less than 8 programmable buttons, best-in-industry (okay maybe I’m just a fanboy) 70M-click durability Razer Optical Switches that will last you forever, the most flexible and user-friendly Speedflex cable I’ve ever encountered in my short life, and amazing 100% PTFE feet for smoother movement.

Everything’s on the up and up in regard to buttons, switches, cables, sensors, build quality, ergonomics, what have you, including much-needed tweaks here and there compared to the older-gen (Elite). The most important upgrade in my view is the increased sensitivity, due to new Focus+ Optical sensor, an in-house sensor that is outrageously responsive.

Due to the fact that the sensor is accompanied by a 650 inches per second rating, the Deathadder V2’s performance level is, let’s say, more than you’ll ever need even if you’re a pro-gamer.

It’s also interesting to mention (again) the Speedflex cable. No matter how ridiculous this may sound to you, this is actually a big deal. This cable is incredibly flexible, the most flexible I’ve tried on a gaming mouse actually, and that translates into almost zero impact on your mouse movement, even if you’re not familiar with the term “wire management”, as most people.

Also, the new optical (rather than mechanical) left/right buttons are designed to deliver 70 million clicks before getting wasted, compared to 50 million for the Elite. And before you ask, these optical switches use an infrared light beam to register clicks, instead of mechanical switches, so they have lower latency, longer life and deliver fewer misclicks.

Now, if you’re 13 years old, you’ll definitely approve of Razer’s new button on the base that switches between custom profiles for sensitivity and RGB lighting. Everything works through Synapse software, which means you can set up an unlimited number of profiles, and/or store 5 in the on-board memory to use regardless of where you plug in the V2. So yeah, this gaming mouse is travel-friendly.


To begin with, if you’re serious about gaming, you should pair your V2 with the best gaming pad money can buy. Other than that, everything is at superlative with this baby: the mouse is supremely comfy and grippy, you always feel in control, as the texture revamp we’ve already told you is a complete success in my view, the click action on the new optical switches is responsive and crisp, resistance is there, yet not overwhelming, and basically I doubt Razer could do any better in this regard.

Speed is also nothing short of impressive, as the new 20k DPI sensor is stupid fast, responsive and accurate (I mean that in a good way), and the mouse offers complete control, being miles ahead of its direct competitors. The point being, if you want the quickest mouse available, this is it.

If you want numbers to satisfy your nerd-ego, here it comes: the Razor Deathadder V2 goes up to 20,000 DPI/CPI (16,000), tracks up to 650 inches per second (450), and has a resolution accuracy of 99.6 percent (99.4 percent). The truth is, in real life you won’t be able to tell the difference, but it’s nice to know all these bells and whistles are there, right?

Finally, there’s only one thing I could criticize Razer for: they should’ve made this mouse using more premium materials. That’s no biggie, but a more luxurious casing wouldn’t hurt on my gaming rig. Other than that, this is a marvelous gaming mouse, striking the best balance between usability, price, and features, and comes highly recommended if you’re serious about your gaming.

  • Fantastic 20,000 DPI sensor
  • Crazy fast yet accurate
  • Supremely comfy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Best switches in the game
  • Solid build quality
  • Impressive scroll wheel
  • Flexible wire
  • Nothing really
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